Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Request - Lost Dog Advice, Please

So, earlier tonight Shira and I were walking through our neighborhood and came across what appeared to be a stray dog. The dog was of the tiny and brown variety (how's that for descriptive?). In fact, it was small enough that even I felt comfortable walking up to it see if it had a collar. It didn't.

For reasons that escape me, I didn't take a snapshot of said pup. D'oh.

Anyway, here's the question - what should we have done?

The dog didn't look at all familiar, and there was no one around to claim him. He had no collar. He seemed a bit spooked when I got sorta close to him to see if he had any ID on him.

Should we have called animal control?

Any suggestions? Use the leave a comment link below to leave your suggestions.

Thanks in advance!

Oh, and if you live in Arlington, and are missing your tiny brown dog...I think I may have seen him or her.

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