Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Putting The Comments Feed To Use

Thanks to Grant Rettke and Dave Nelson for educating me about the comments feed for my blog. It's an RSS feed that captures the comments people are leaving on articles on the blog.

You can subscribe to these comments by visiting:

I even went one step further and added them to the sidebar on the blog. (Yeah, just look on the right, it's over there, under the i2x news. It looks like:

I did this by creating a Blidget. I have to say, widgetbox does an awesome job of allowing you to easily make these suckers. Just visit this link and drop in the your comment feed URL (or any other feed URL), and you're basically done.

Thanks Dave and Grant for letting me know about this cool feature that's been there all along. And hopefully, the Latest Comments feature will be handy for folks.

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