Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Best (?) of CSPAN

While looking around for Obama's latest press conference* on YouTube, I stumbled on CSPANJunkie.org. It's an interesting (and apparently quite left-leaning) take on mining CSPAN for useful content.

I found myself watching and enjoying the book coverage for Greasy Rider: Two Dudes, One Fry-Oil-Powered Car, and a Cross-Country Search for a Greener Future. See what I mean:

This also brought to mind the latest SNL Spoof of the Auto Bailout hearings, where they declare that they can say whatever they want because, c'mon, nobody's watching CSPAN.

I do believe CSPAN Junkie is an impressive site, and shows that where there's ton's of content, there's room for a blogger to come in and help make sense of it all.

*The Obama team did an excellent job of broadcasting their town hall meetings live and getting out the word on twitter back in the day. Why, exactly, aren't they doing that with transition process? It would be a nice supplement to change.gov.

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