Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recognizing The Code

It's been great traveling with my brother this weekend. He's fun,
generous and a good ying to my yang. Though, on a number of occasions
this weekend I've said something and he's responded with either "I have
no idea what you just said" or he's turned to me with absolute

Take the first example I can think of, as I was *driving* to the airport
at 8am on Friday and announced that I'm "going to crash soon."

He was more than just a bit confused by this declaration as we were
zooming along at 60mph, headed for an airplane trip.

What I meant, of course, is that I'm tired from staying up the previous
night working and am ready to just close my eyes and sleep. Crash.

This happened all weekend, and I kept wondering to myself why I had gone
mad. Why was I saying such whacky things.

A few minutes ago it hit me as to what's been going on. This weekend,
I've been speaking Shira and Ben code. After 10+ years together, we
apparently have our shorthand pretty well worked out. It's amazing

Sorry Dave that you had to put up with a non-sensical husband. Shira,
babe, I guess this means we are stuck with each other. Bily.


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