Friday, November 28, 2008

The Thanksgiving Feast

What a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner I had tonight! Between the food and company, it was a perfect night (OK, Shira wasn't there - so perhaps it wasn't completely perfect, still, it was awesome).

We started off the meal by taking a few moments to have everyone say what they are thankful for. What an impossible task. Where do I begin? The meal in front of me, my family and friends around me, my wife who is my world, or my job that is a joy? And what about the things we take for granted, like heat and indoor plumbing? Or even more basic miracles, like being able to see and walk?

What am I thankful for? It's an impossible question to answer - the list is too long to enumerate.

If I was smart, every day I'd write down one item I'm thankful for. Then, next Thanksgiving I'd have the list in front of me. It'd only be a measly 365 items, but it would be a start.

Tonight's item: I'm thankful for the ability to share my thoughts and ideas with you, the readers of my blog.

Here are a few photos from the evening...

My dad, and our host, hard at work carving the Turkey. Well done Dad! And you look fantastic in a flower print. Most men can't pull that look off.

Mmmmm...turkey. Very tasty. And only one of about a dozen other incredibly delicious items.

It's not possible to capture the fun and chaos of our Thanksgiving meal in a photo. But here's a partial attempt.

What you're seeing below is an entire room, and table, dedicated solely to deserts. Delicious, wonderful, deserts. Yum!

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