Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chilling On The Cape

Today Shira and I spent some relaxed time hanging out in Cape Cod. It's way off season, so yes, it's quite chilly here - but it's also nearly silent of tourists. It's kind of fun to not be surrounded by throngs of people.

Here's a bit of what we saw today...

Shira and I visited the Sandwich Glass Museum, which included a live demonstration of glass blowing. Glass blowing is just too cool. It's amazing how using such crude tools you can take a very fragile and solid material and turn it into one you can shape so easily.

We stopped by the Green Briar Jam Kitchen, which is both a historical site in Sandwich, MA as well as a place with some nice nature trails.

Shira was an absolute trooper, as we trudged through the pretty woods on this very brisk day.


  1. That picture of Shira trudging through the woods with a scarf over her face is priceless!!

  2. So true!

    You should have see the look in her eyes - scary & priceless!