Saturday, November 08, 2008

Performance Car and Truck Parts - A Low Price Source

We have friends who are selling Performance Car and Truck Parts. This, of course, is something I know nothing about - but I'm told the prices are quite good (just like my mom taught me, never pay retail!). The sellers are great people and know cars exceedingly well, and if they give you any trouble, let me know, I'll kick their butts.

Here are some details:

We have catback exhaust systems for various vehicles (cars and trucks) by:


Since there are so many part numbers (we have over 150 systems in total), please email with your Part Numbers (each system has different exits, mufflers and such so please note when doing your research) and I will get a price for you.

We also have AutoMeter Gauges for various applications if interested. Just let me know what you are looking for.

Boy, isn't Shira going to be surprised when I buy her a "Borla catback exhaust system" for the holidays. I know she'll just love it!

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