Sunday, November 02, 2008

Preparing To Vote In Arlington

Here are some items to help you to get ready to vote in Arlington...

First, check out this list of 10 items to consider before voting. While the list is offered by the Democratic party of Arlington, most of it's relevant to whichever part you are voting for (here's the Arlington Republican site). Including:

There are two types of voting machines. Voters will have the option to vote on the touch screens used in most past elections or new optical scan machines. If the wait for the touch screen is long, ask to vote using the optical scan. Both machines are easy and reliable. The Optical Scan is a paper ballot that provides a paper trail. Voters use a special marking device in order to cast a vote. Once the ballots are marked, they are inserted into a machine that reads the markings and tabulates the votes.

Anything to avoid a long wait could be handy.

This election, you'll have a chance to vote for a member of the county board. Here is a video statement from each person running, and their website.

John Reeder -

Barabara Favola -

Unfortunately, the main Arlington web site is down at the moment. I'm having trouble finding details about the bond questions being raised. Anyone have any suggestions where I can find info on these?

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