Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mazel Tov Aaron and Kristina!

Tonight we celebrated Aaron and Kristina getting hitched. What a cute couple, what an awesome time, and what tasty food. Lots more photos on the way, but here's a few because I can't resist.

Are they not the cutest couple? They don't just look the part, they act it too.

The wedding took place just outside of Austin, Texas. And, as you might guess, there was plenty of Texas pride to be had. You might not appreciate the photo below, but it's a big group of the guests singing what I assume to be the UT fight song, and giving the Hook 'em Horns (Yikes, the hand gesture has a Wikipedia page?! Only in Texas.). Thanks Aaron for giving us a taste of the Lone Star State.

And of course, we partied. The DJ played a mix of country music (which I enjoyed mightly) and typical dance stuff (which I flopped around on the floor to), which made for a fun time.

Kristina and Aaron, I'm so happy for you guys and wish you nothing but joy and happiness on your new journey together.

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