Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Scenes From An Obama Rally

Like I mentioned last night, I made it to Obama's final rally of the election campaign, right here in Manassas, VA.

Between the crowd and the poor lighting I didn't get much in the way of usable photos. But here are a couple to give you a feel for what it was like.

One speaker claimed there were 80,000 present. Another say 100,000. While I was in the thick of it, I would have said the numbers were smaller than that. But, attempting to leave really made me appreciate just what a huge crowd this was.

Most of Obama's speech was the same he's been doing for the last few days, if not weeks. He did however get a little introspective about his own campaign and said that he ran it the way he did, in part, to show that it was possible to run a national campaign by attacking issues and not your opponent. He even admitted that looking back he could have done a better job at this - but still, I think he ran a campaign he's proud of.

The highlight of his speech was a stirring story he told at the end of the night, one I hadn't heard before. There's just something amazing about having one person command the absolute attention of 80,000 individuals. For most of his speech he was talking, but for that final story, he was connecting. The man's gifted, no two ways about it.

Hmmm, there's one last thing I'm supposed to do today for the election...oh yeah...VOTE.

From what I hear, the lines in our polling station, even at 6:15 were out the door and wrapped around itself a couple times. Hopefully, if I go mid-day, things will have calmed down by then.

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