Tuesday, November 08, 2005

DSL Setup Experience

Shira and I decided to setup DSL for some friends today. The process, with one exception, has been great.

We've managed to hit all the steps: (a) ordered the service from frontiernet.net (thanks to Wilma who set me up!) (b) bought a cheap ($30) WiFi router from Best Buy (c) had the DSL modem delivered to us on time.

Everthing plugs in as expected and the WiFi seems to be working great from downstairs.

The only catch? The service is turned on today, or so they told me. I called them to see why things aren't working and get this...it will be turned on today. Today at 11:59pm at night. Yikes.

First, why couldn't they manage to get it set up this morning, when the modem was delivered?

Second, why on earth would you set a customer's expectations that they'll have something on Tuesday, when it will really be Wednesday. Argh.

It's really too bad - they did so much right, but still left me frustrated. And all they needed to do was to be honest with me. That would have been free.

Let this be a lesson to us all: set your customer's expecations correctly or suffer the consequences.


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