Sunday, November 13, 2005

Unbundled News

Check the above link for really interesting view of what the news media could be. The bottom line, is that Terry's suggesting that the news media needs to shift from pristine end-of-day broadcasts, to giving their viewers what they want: the real news, now.

Of course, that's kinda how I get my news now (bloglines + Reuters feed). I might watch a nightly news broadcast, but only if I'm hanging out with my Dad. What Terry seems to be suggesting is that your typical Channel 10 news program needs to start looking at news in this raw'ish streamwise fashion.

I also think what Terry's suggesting might help out with the news bias problem. Rather than delivering only the final summarized (and perhaps biased) version of the news, the news comes in first as raw facts and then gets a reaction added to it. This reaction can come from anywhere, including readers, giving the media a chance to see what the people really think about a story. At the end of the day, the summary broadcast will represent a variety of diverse input instead of just relying on the media to police itself.

Now, who has the guts to try this apporach first?


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