Sunday, November 20, 2005

Warning Label?!

WARNING: this blog message has not been approved by Ben's wife. Read at your own risk.

I noticed something a bit strange on the bottom of this new mug - a warning label.

The label says soemething to the effect of: California Propsition 65 requires that you be warned that "materials used in color decorations" contain lead. It goes on to explain that consuming lead is a *bad* thing.

I guess this is supposed to discourage me from: (a) licking the outside of this mug, (b) using the outside of this mug as a cooking device and (c) from chipping off and eating those tasty looking gold letters.

My guess is that warning labels are an American obsession. No? What other country would be so concerned that people will sue them, that they label everthing. True, some labels are quite useful (I should know how many grams of fat are in a Krispy Kreme doughnut) - but do people stop drinking wine because of the warning label?

Maybe we should be focusing on really educating our citizens, rather than just protecting ourselves.


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