Wednesday, November 16, 2005

What's New?'s top level page

So I started up a version of Netscape and was greeted by their home page. According to this, here's what news is most important:

- One Way to Keep Teens From Having Sex
- Oops! Keira's Top Slips Off on Red Carpet
- 66% of Men on First Dates Say No to THIS
- 7 Feet Under: Astounding Find in Kansas
- Do This One Thing. Live 4 Years Longer?
- Did the Naked Chef Go Too Far This Time?
- Scary Side Effect of a Popular Birth Contro

C'mon -- Keria's Top Slips Off? That's important news? Oh, and from this page you can also learn about: "The Sexist Star Body Parts" and "Hollywood's sexiest redheads."

What makes a company like Netscape decide that their top level page needs to be nothing but sex and junk (Story: "Could the bird flu ruin thanksgiving?" -- ooh, what a hard hitting story)?

I guess sex sells and all...but you would think that with access to global sources of information they could do a bit better.

Update: OK, so the front is trashy. Here are a couple of things you could do about it, and how I feel about those actions:

ActionBen Agrees With?
Parents change the startup page avoiding this trashy pageYes
Church groups write letters to netscape telling them to change their page, or they'll recommend a boycottYes
Congress passes a law saying trashy web pages are not allowedNo
Bloggers complain about how trashy the front page of netscape is, recommeding they change itYes

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