Thursday, November 03, 2005

A Real MP3 Player

While I love my Mach 256 MP3 player, I do admit that I would never recommend it to anyone (unless you could buy one for $9.99 like I did). However, my brother Dave did just buy one which we both are impressed by.

He bought a Creative MuVo, which is a tiny little thing (1.1 oz). He bought the 1GB version.

He hasn't had it long, so all I can report on is the basics. But it does seam to have everything you would want: very light, fairly solid feel, intuitive UI and it works with his Mac.

It also has some interesting extras, like: FM radio, ability to record FM radio, audio in jack, and the ability to MP3 encode your recorded audio right on the device.

So it looks like David made a good purchasing decision. Now I just have to concince him to start his own podcast using the device.


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