Wednesday, November 30, 2005 - FLY Pentop Computer - FLY Pentop Computer

Here's a chance to get (what seems to me) to be a pretty good deal on the new FLY Pentop Computer.There are reviews around and a good article in the latest issue of wired that talked about the device.I think it's a risky, but neat idea. Essentially, the toy is a computer that uses the pen as the input device and voice/the paper-you-draw-on as the output device. This makes the device portable, and gives you some interesting abilities to mix a computer with old-fashion media. In fact, the pen supports the ability to "scan" over a piece of paper and interpret the results as code to be run. In other words, LeapFrog could trivially publish a magazine that could contain "paper programs." It should also be nice and portable, which is something I assume parents will like. No clunky devices, just the pen and whatever sheets of paper they would like.

I'll guess I'll see what the hackers out there do to this device before I start drooling over one and consider buying it. Perhaps this is another good reason to consider having kids, so that I can buy them the gadgets I'd like to play with?Between this, and the $100 laptop, kids have it so good these days. Back in my day, after my 10 mile hike uphill to and from school, all I had to play with was a stick and some rocks.

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