Sunday, November 20, 2005

Introduction to Mobloggling

Guardian Unlimited | Weekend | I am a camera

The above article is a terrific introduction to moblogging. It captures two important points well. First, moblogging is fun. As they say:

With the possible exception of exhibitionists, what's the point of posting photographs from your mobile phone on a website where strangers can gawp at them? And yet, as anyone who's ever tried moblogging will tell you, there's something addictive about documenting your days for the amusement of others.

Second, moblogging is different from maintaining a weblog. The moblog, because of the photos, is often easier to write. As I just pointed out here, the photo can provide the setup for your blog entry, and all you need to add are your witty comments.

The article talks about setting up your own moblog. I really enjoy using blogger, as it was quick to setup, works well with my phone, and allows me to maintain the posts after the fact like a regular blog.

So try moblogging today!

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