Thursday, November 03, 2005

Track Eye View

While running tonight I came across this dilapidated rail road bridge, with the ties still in place.

I thought I would use it as an opportunity to play artist and try to get some creative shots of the bridge.

Trying to produce artistic or even quality photos with a cellphone camera is tricky to say the least. On the other hand it does provide for an interesting challange.

Consider the challange of telling a story in poetry versus telling a story in a novel. Both are writing. A novel is a format which allows the author to express themselves clearly fairly easily - just say what you want. Poetry, on the other hand doesn't work this way. Poetry is about taking on a large number of restrictions, and requires the author the to work much harder to tell the same story. But, a high quality poem can be just as useful a storytelling technique as a novel - and when you consider the space of a typical poem versus novel, you have to simply marvel at the poem.

Well, I think the same is true in the photography world. True, a digital SLR with lots of attachments can make for easier story telling than a crude camerphone. However, a well crafted camera phone image is quite impressive, especially considering what it had to overcome.

So, think of these photos as digital poetry.


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