Friday, November 11, 2005

A real cell phone network

Here I am typing away on my T-mobile sidekick, yet I'm really impressed with this cheesy little LG cell phone. Why? It's not the phone that's impressing me - it's the network (gosh I sound like a late 90's commercial for SUN [1]).

For about 60%+ of our trip, my T-mobile sidekick has no signal. While this cheesy little Verizon phone had signal-bars the whole time. Wow.

If Verizon had the sidekick, I'd probably sign-up today.

Don't get me wrong, T-mobile works great in our local area. But it just can't compete out in the boonies.

Can you here me now? Sure can, on Verizon. Argh.

[1] SUN: The network *is* the computer. Huh? At least it stuck with me all these years, even if it didn't make any sense to me.


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