Monday, November 21, 2005

AIM Bots: Useful or Spam?

Slashdot | AIM Bots: Useful or Spam?

Check out this article to watch people complain about AOL and AIM bots.

Me, I probably take a different position than most on this topic. I use the AOLYellowPages bot on my sidekick pretty frequently - and love it. In fact, I think the bot interface for some things can be much better than the web or e-mail. Consider what I need to do to find the number for my local theatre:

  • Switch to the IM app
  • Send the IM: cl 22204
  • Send the IM: Draft House

Keep in mind the cl ... step is only needed when I change locations.

So, I say to AOL: keep the bots coming. Though maybe instead of adding them to my buddy list automagically, you can publish a page on the web that lists well known bots.

If you want to try out some more bots yourself, check out the AIM section on this page.

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