Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bad News: Global Warming, Good News: You can do something about it

My friend Christian has just relaunched TipBin - it now has green focus. Instead of tips about everything, the tips are focused on things you can do to help the environment.

It's informative stuff, something that couldn't be more important in our day and age. And if you think climate change isn't a problem, Christian also has a blog for you to read. It's not the most uplifting stuff - but then again, it's not mean to be. It's meant to make you appreciate just how serious this issue is.

I also have to chime in here about what Christian has managed to do - in just a few days, he's taken existing tools and re-purposed them to help run his own little environmental movement. Back in the day this would have taken big time and money. One point we should all take away is - the technology is there for us to get our message out (whatever it is), we just need to do it.

Also on the Green front, I've been meaning to mention this article by Teresa. In it, she talks about Thinking Green while cleaning.


  1. Ben,

    Let me know when he makes his tip page into a widget.

  2. Good point Dave. I'll pass along the suggestion.