Friday, March 14, 2008

The Journey Begins

It's 5:50am and I'm officially on my to Singapore. Of course, my 22
hour journey begins with a 35 minute cab ride, which isn't exactly
exciting. But if I have problems with 35 minutes sitting in a cab, I
don't want to think about 19 hours on a plane.

I double checked, before I got in the cab, I have: passport, wallet,
cell phone, charger, laptop, AC adapater and a handful of mini-sized
candy bars. I figure with those essentials, I'm totally good for any
emergency. Anything else I forgot, I can buy or live without.

I also brought along a Singapore guidebook, so I can plan my trip during
the flight over.

I'll see ya'll on the other side of the globe.

[It should be noted that since I've gotten in the cab, and written this,
in the last 9 minutes, I've realized I left at least 3 items at home
that I neither wish to buy nor live without. Oh well, must soldier on!
And make a better packing list next time, too]


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