Monday, March 03, 2008

The Secret To Selling On The Radio

Over the last week, I've heard these same commercials on this radio station, and I'm starting to see a trend. Here's each target market:

  • Acne Medication - they only want sceptics
  • Selling Real Estate Foreclosures - they only want to reach people who's last name start with A through N. They should call today, everyone else should call tomorrow.
  • Selling Involvement In An Internet Business - they want people who have done one thing that's holding them back from being a millionare, decide they really want it
  • Weight Loss - they want people who have failed a diet because, and I'm not making this up, they were hungry. (I shoudl pass on this useful tidbit: it's nearly impossible to diet if your hungry, so it's not your fault that you didn't stick to the diet.)

All of these ads follow the same strategy: they take the entire population of the world (or, a very large part of it), and name it in such a way that its members feel as though they are part of a highly selective group.

I have to wonder, does this really work? Are people that easily fooled -- hmmm, they only want sceptics...wait a second, I'm a sceptic! They're talking to me!? My guess is, it probably does.

Well, at least I've cracked the code and could always fall back on being in radio marketing if this programming thing doesn't work out.

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