Saturday, March 15, 2008

Landed - The Singapore Adventure Begins

Just landed about an hour ago. My flights over here were, for all intents and purposes, were great. All the flights were on time, the meals totally edible (except for one questionable mid morning snack) and my seat mates were really nice. The woman next to me on the 15 1/2 hour trek studies moss for a living and she clued me in to just how cool moss is (surprise). Mom, Dad, thanks again for the sound canceling headphones - man, they are most awesome.

Perhaps most impressively, my new Dell laptop lasted about 6 hours before it finally gave out. That meant 6 hours of work time and I managed to get about 6 hours of sorta-sleep. Like I said, about as good as could be.

I got to the Airport, and as a first task, attempted to take money out of the ATM. That didn't work, which did get me a bit nervous (in strange country, have no money, gulp) - but I found an American Express money exchange place that allowed me to get money out of my account (in theory, for no additional fees). So the first disaster has been averted.

The folks here, at least in the airport, are remarkably nice. The woman apologized sincerely that the ATM wasn't working for me. Could you imagine the woman at the info booth in O'Hare apologizing for pretty much anything?

Photos to come starting tomorrow...

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