Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ben's Quick Guide To International Plug Adapter Thingies

In almost a matter of hours, I'll be heading to Singapore for a mini vacation adventure. And, whenever I travel internationally, I'm also stuck with the same question - what shape are the outlet receptacles in this foreign landing I'm heading to? After all, I need to plug in my phone, laptop and camera to name just a few items.

With Google at my fingertips you'd think this would be a trivial question to answer. It never is. I can never find quite the right terms to to search for (are these adapters? plugs? converters? Who the heck knows), and I inevitably find a page that looks far from trustworthy.

On our most recent trip to Target I picked up yet another collection of these plug-adapter-converter dealies and noticed that they stated right on them which country they belong to. I figured I should note this information down before I either lose it, or manage to have the labels come off.

So here it is, my guide to international plugs:

  • Big Chunky Tongs, Kid Sized Adapter - Great Brittian, Ireland, Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Tongs At An Angle - Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, China
  • Round, Tube Shaped Tongs - Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Caribbean
  • Correct, Flat, Straight Tongs - Northern & Central America, Japan, Taiwan, Parts of Caribbean and South America

Don't ask me what to take if you are visiting a country not on the above list. Maybe you should take this as a hint and change your travel plans.

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