Thursday, March 27, 2008

So Clinton, So Barack

This has been nagging me for a few days now...

So Barack got in trouble because of his association with his pastor. A man who's words, every step of the way, he's condemned (I like the comment here: How is he supposed to solve the "Wright issue" beyond talking rationally about it? What, beat him up? Challenge him to a duel?).

Finally things got bad enough that he laid it all out on the line and gave a remarkable speech (it's definitely worth watching, see below). In this speech, he takes a rational approach to the situation he's in - delving into the complexities of the tricky topic of race. He not only talks about racism from a Black perspective, but speaks insightfully on it from a White one as well. Like I said, it's really impressive.

And what does Hillary do? Her response is:

“He would not have been my pastor,” she replied. “You know, you don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.”

Did she even hear his speech? Instead of a building on the dialog that Barack started, she chose to vastly oversimplify things and shoot him down.

I just find it so typical in the two candidates. I think Barack is consistently sending the message he's real, complications and all, and Hillary is a typical political candidate, saying whatever she thinks the the electorate wants to hear (talk of snipers, anyone?).

My fear is that her tactic will work, because, well it's probably the tactic that has always worked. Barack gave an amazing 37 minute, complex speech, that defies being turned in to a 10 second sound bite. And Hillary managed to say two sentences which appeal to voters and thrill the media.

Argh, it's so frustrating.

Just watch the speech...

Update: This is too precious - Hillary Clinton's former Minister (of 8 years) "has leaped into the debate -- on the side of Wright." Check out his full statement here. I wonder how Hillary can spin this one?


  1. ben,

    are you becoming one of those democrats who will refuse to vote for hillary if she wins the nominee? I ask, because both sides seem to be so angry at each other, that the Dems could hand this to the Reps if there not careful. I think both sides are yelling at nothing since we've already hashed out their few policy differences and still have months till the convention. I don't know who i'm voting for, but I see major flaws with both, and I just hope they don't tick me off so much that i have to choose between voting for McCain or no one (and you know in our family, we are taught we must vote).

  2. You're safe Dave - I'd vote Hillary over McCain any day.

    I just can't imagine putting someone back in the White House who doesn't believe that our current president has lead us astray.