Sunday, March 09, 2008

Putting My Bachelorhood To Use

A couple of hours ago, I dropped Shira off at the airport for a week long business trip. In a very small (thankfully) sense, I'm a bachelor - free!

So, what do in times like these? Fairly frequently, I cook.

I'm not a big fan of cooking, and I'm certainly not good at it. But, there are simply foods Shira won't be talked into cooking/eating with me, and with her on a plane - she's not here to stop me. So, while she is in town I keep an eye out for stuff she finds nothing special, and when she leaves, I leap at the chance to produce it.

Plus, I figure the more times I practice cooking, the better I get. In say another 20 or 30 years, at this rate, I'll be a pro.

I also like making something fair substancial when she goes so I have leftovers to munch on for days.

Tonights creation had all the ideal traits of a "Shira's out of town meal," including: requires lots of chedder cheese, can substitute Morning Star Farms fake meat, involves the oven and the stove , and makes use of a pie plate.

The dish caught my eye when we were making pancakes a while back - it's Superbly Easy Cheeseburger Pie - and was handily printed on the back of the Bisquick box.

The actual cooking experience was non-eventful. More often than not, the house fills with smoke and I'm forced to open every door and window in the house. But tonight, it was almost too easy.

As for how Cheeseburger Pie tastes? Great of course. Add enough cheese to anything, mix in Bisquick, and it's going to taste good. Better yet, you can make it tell me what you think - the recipe is here.

But now I have to figure out what to make next. Any suggestions? Remember, heavy on the cheese...


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  1. Sounds tasty, but we will definitely have to get together for some real food sometime this week.