Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dinner as Entertainment

Last night we went out to dinner with a group of folks to a Szechuan style restaurant. The food was fantastic (most of the veggie stuff wasn't too spicy, but we still got a flavor for it - the chicken on the other hand, had one of our guests in tears).

One of the highlights of the restaurant is the tea they offer (I think it was called 8 Treasures Tea). It's basically a cup filled with various goodies - flowers, herbs, a chunk of sugar, etc. - and this kid comes around and dramatically fills up your glass with hot water.

The picture below just doesn't do it justice. It's a good time. And apparently, if you were visit China, you'd actually see this being done.

What a fun time.

Sorry if the photo of the duck (which we didn't actually eat) is a bit much. As my brothers can appreciate, we love a good duck head photo. And to me, this shows we were in an authentic restaurant.

Even serving the duck was impressive - first, the meat is carved at the table for you by your waitress. She takes the meat off the duck, wraps it in a little pancake. Then, she disappears with the remains of the duck and comes back a while later, with duck soup. Like I said, this was authentic stuff.

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