Friday, March 21, 2008

Singapore Adventure - The Last Day

I'm tapping out this blog post on our flight from Singapore to Narita. So far, the flight has been un-eventful, and Shira even managed to use her Gold status to get me into the club before the flight took off. Talk about living large. [Note: I'm posting this from the club in Narita, after having written the post on the plane. Holy crap this is nice! I mean, seriously, how can anyone complain about international travel when they get to stop in to these little oasis's along the way? I've definitely been missing out.]

Yesterday we had a fun day, as we tried to make the most of our final day in Singapore. We spent most of the day on Sentosa island - a sort of manufactured island resort (even some of the rocks on the beach are fake). It turned out to be quite fun, and thankfully, the heat was more or less under control.

Highlights include:

  • Getting to the island via cable car - I think the longest cable car in the world. It actually passes through a building and makes a stop to pick up more passengers along the way. It's impressive. Given my fear of heights, rides and general fear of falling to my death, the fact that I went this way to the island is fairly remarkable. I was a trooper, if I do say so myself.
  • Finally seeing wild monkeys. How typical is it that going to a fairly pristine wildlife reserve, I see nothing - yet when I am outside the entrance to a resort hotel, I see oodles of little monkeys. And much to my inner 5th grader delight, they were even, uh, well, shall we say "giving each other a special hug." Ahh, yes, nature has no modesty.
  • We visited Underwater world (hence the photo of the jellyfish) - which turned out to have a nice collection of oddly shaped fish characters. Ever need inspiration for your next sci-fi novel? Just give this place a visit, and you'll have your cast and shapes for vehicles all figured out.
  • Shira was kind enough to let me traipse around the old Fort on the island. It had retired guns, tunnels, a kids obstacle course (see photo below) and history. I was quite pleased with it, and it was relatively seriously given the Disney-esque resort around us.
  • And surprisingly, we found "The Southern Most Point In Asia" - a little island, equipped with fake-rope bridge and observation tower. A treat indeed.

I'm not sure I have a need to go back to Sentosa again, but it was definitely worth a visit.

Ahh, in just a few short hours (about 18, actually) I'll be back to reality. Oh well, the vacation was fun while it lasted.


  1. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun in Singapore - it makes me want to visit! The last picture in this post of the two of you is such a great picture, you look fantastic!

  2. Thanks Erin... we had a great time. Asian food all week - I was in heaven!

    That last picture of us is actually a blooper shot. Ben set up the self timer, and I told him I wanted to sit on his lap. But in the process, I started falling off the rock. So, that picture is actually the camera going off as I am falling off the rock. We liked it, though, as it departed from the typical "Shira and Ben poses" that can be found throughout our collection.