Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Embedding an .mp3 file - A Quick Approach

The other day I needed to embed an .flv file on a web page, and luckily stumbled across some easy instructions for doing so. Tonight I had to do the same thing with a .mp3 file.

Unfortunately, my luck didn't hold out. I had to dig around for quite some time before I found a passable solution. What I eventually realized I wanted was a Flash mp3 player, instead of trying to leverage native browser plugins (even though I found this promising article.).

The solution I settled on is outlined in this tutorial. The good news is that it uses the same approach as the .flv player, and just uses a different URL parameter (soundFile).

You can grab the original package here, and while it's a WordPress plugin, all you really need is player.swf from the zip file.

Anyone have any better player suggestions?

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