Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Skype Believer

OK, it's official - I'm a Skype believer. If you offer phone service, you should be terrified of this technology. And by terrified, I mean extremely motivated to do something about it, and not ignore it.

Shira's in a far away land as I type this and I just got done talking with her. Not instant messaging, but actually talking. In the past, I would have busted out the AT&T dialing card, dialed 45 digits, talked to an operator, and if I was lucky, actually get connected to her.

Instead, this time I started up Skype, "dialed her," she answered, and we started talking. As a bonus, we even got to see each other because of the video capability Skype offers.

The service is totally free, and the only equipment it took was a pair of $30 webcams.

I'm not ready to ditch my home service for Skype, but I have to say, for unusual circumstances like this, it can't be beat.

If you're making international calls, trust me, you need to give this a shot.


  1. one of my favorite parts about Skype is the conference calling, and for $3 a month, that includes conferencing with traditional phone service uses. As for the camera, thanks for the tip/recommendation, the camera I got was a really cheap one, and the quality shows.

  2. I have just gotten into skype as well. We use it at work all of the time now for design meetings and status meetings. I just picked up a camera from woot.com and can't wait till it arrives.
    What I will tell you is that there are very big differences in web cameras. My friend's built-in webcam on his macbook pro looks absolutely stunning. I had purchased a logitech live or something and returned it because the picture quality was so incredibly bad.
    Now we'll see how the Phillips is when it gets here.