Monday, December 22, 2008

Have they not been paying attention?

Have these people not been paying attention?

Take my buddies over here on the Left. Are they really that shocked that Obama asked Rick Warren to give the invocation at the inauguration? I can sort of see responding with strong worded letters, but posts like this?

Well, Obama's not listening to us anyway. We're the now-marginalized dirty hippies he gets praised for slapping. Whatever.

Come on, seriously. Here's a candidate that campaigned under the notion of bridging divisions, and it honestly never occurred to you that he'd involve people that you hate? How about putting this a little bit in perspective. He's asked Warren to give an Innovcation, and at just a few days prior, nominated his highest ranking gay member of his administration yet. Now, tell me which one of these actions speak louder? Besides, I don't need to defend Obama, he's done a fine job of that himself.

And take my buddies over at the media. Get this, because Obama has had such few leaks in his administration, it means that he's tight lipped and will control information and the press more than Bush.

Really? Seriously?

First, Obama ran a relatively leak free campaign. Are you now surprise he wants to run a leak free administration?

Second, to me, a leak is a sign of sloppiness. The fact that the media may depend on them for a living, doesn't make them any less of a bad thing. As a business person, if I had leaks in my organization that allowed my strategy to get out, I'd be pissed. And not only that, but I'd read it as though someone wasn't on board or understanding of the strategy.

Finally, what about the effort at Lord knows, it's not perfect, it does at the very least represent an honest attempt to be open with people.

And since when did a promise of transparency mean exclusive access to media? We're living in an age where Obama can, and should be transparent without going through the media. It's almost like the media is disappointed they are getting their idea of transparency, versus what actually transparency could be expected.

Should the media spar with Obama? Of course they should. They should beat him up as much as possible. But let's keep this all in perspective.

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