Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Optimistic Marketing

So, I'm munching away on a package of pumpkin seeds (thanks Mom!), and it occurs to me, these have to be the saltiest food I've ever eaten.

Curious what the damage is, I check the package's sodium content. It's 5mg, which is 0% of your daily value.

Hmmm...I think, that can't possibly be right. And then I read the fine print at the end of the packaging:

Eating the shell as well would bring the sodium to 540mg (23% of the daily value)

Ahh, that's more like it! Nearly a quarter of my sodium intake for the in a convenient .75oz bag.

Now, are you telling me that the company went through all the trouble of salting the heck out of the shell, and then assumes you aren't going to eat it? I suppose they were telling the truth, but come on.

Only a marketer could think there's nothing wrong with presenting the facts this way.


  1. I was just eating the same brand of pumpkin seeds tonight. Funny.

    I have a nearly inhuman capacity for salty foods, and they are *almost* too salty for me.

    It's the same marketing scam they run on pints of ice cream stating that they have more than one serving.

  2. I only know one person who doesn't eat the shell, so I think it's definitely a marketing ploy. But why not get rid of the saltiness and roast your own! That same person who doesn't eat pumpkin seed shells came over only yesterday and we roasted pumpkin seeds--added our own salt and a little garlic powder. YUMMY and easy!

  3. Khyle -
    I'm glad I'm not going crazy and that these are truly as salty as I thought they were.

    Elana -
    Sounds delish! Put this down as a project we do together...or just send me a bag ;-)