Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tire Woes? Just Tires May Be Able To Help

While checking our tire pressure we noticed that one of tires was especially low on air. Of course it had a leak. And of course, the leak wasn't repairable using a $3.00 patch. Nope, we would need at least one new tire.

We ended up buying and having the tire installed by Just Tires located at 3530 CARLYN SPRING RD, BAILEYS CROSSROADS , VA, 22041 - (703)931-8670.

Here's what they got right that earned them this blog post recommendation:

  • They had the tire in stock in their warehouse that nobody else had, including Tire Rack
  • They shipped it out to their store immediately and it arrived when promised
  • When we showed up to drop off the car, we arrived an hour after they closed. We managed to get the attention of a guy in the garage section, working on the car, and he politely let us in and allowed us to drop off the car. All while being quite cheerful about it.
  • When we called up to clarify which tire needed to be swapped out, they made sure the mechanic got this information
  • The car was ready when promised

They guys just nailed it - going out of their way to provide excellent customer service, even when it wasn't convenient for them. They've certainly earned us as customers.

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