Sunday, December 14, 2008

Air as missed business opportunity

Today Shira and I drove around to 5 gas stations before we found one that would allow us to pay for the privileged if filling up our tires with air. It's not that the other 4 gas stations didn't offer air, it's that the compressors were all out of order.

If you ask me, this is a silly business move. Think about it, properly filled tires means better gas mileage. Which means, as a gas station, you can use this as a selling advantage - "fill up with us, and check your air for free - you'll get better gas mileage." Who could turn that down?

If I owned a gas station I would: (a) make sure I had a working air compressor, (b) offer access to it for free and (c) offer free tire gauges by the pumps with my name on it, (d) encourage employees to help check tire pressure for free.

Who doesn't love a freebie like a tire gauge? And one that will help you save money, no less.

We're talking about air - a resource that's still free. C'mon, think of the marketing campaign you could build around this.

I know, I know, gas stations don't work this way. They don't need relationships with customers, they just need to be in the right location. But, if that's what all your competition thinks, it seems to me now is the perfect time to do something different.


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