Monday, December 15, 2008

AdSense Out To Get Me In Trouble With The Wife

I'm reading my work e-mail using Google Apps, and noticed the following AdSense results:

Whoa, ads for string bikini's?! Think of all the ways I could get in trouble with this by the wife:

  • You've been surfing for string bikinis when you should be working? You bastard!
  • What, you think I'm just some object you can squeeze into some fantasy outfit you've got in mind? You bastard!
  • What, you don't think I'd look good in a string bikini? You bastard!

And probably more...

And what triggered these ads? An e-mail with the subject password token generates long string. I'm innocent, really.


  1. It'll be interesting to see what excuse you tell her when AdSense starts talking about "thongs"... :-)

  2. Nice :-)

    Yeah, that one would be hard to explain.

    Except as maybe and author's name..."yeah that's it honey, I was doing research on Jean-Manuel Van Thong. Really, I was.