Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Guns For Cameras - A Clever Promotion

Adrants is carrying a story about a Toronto camera store and the Toronto police offering a Guns for Camera exchange. What I especially liked about it was how the person who handed in the gun got free photography lessons in exchange.

This was definitely a smart marketing move on the part of Henry's. I'm surprised more retailers don't do community outreach programs like this.

I'm actually a fan of target shooting. So, what I really need, is a Camera for Guns program. Or even better, Cell phone for Guns program. I could drop off an old Sidekick, and in exchange get a hand gun.

If any state could pull it off, it would be Virginia. You don't have to be licensed to own or carry a gun, and if you can put up with the fact that you need to register it with the state police, Machine Guns are legal.

Only in America.

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