Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cool Scheme Undergrad Projects

Grant highlighted a post that came across the PLT-Scheme group. Mainly, that students had completed an ecletic set of final projects.

These were fun and inspiring to read about. Thinking back to my undergrad days, we never seemed to do anything as novel as say integrate with a iRobot or embed code in a C++ game engine. All I can seem to recall are programs about trees and such. Though, I'm probably thinking back to those very early days of CS113, and Modula 2 (*shiver*).

I'd actually like to see the source code for these projects, as I'm curious about some of the approaches taken.

Cool stuff.


  1. Your "ancient" days of Modula-2?! Ben, *my* first bit of college programming was Fortran Watfiv on punched cards! Yeesh, I suddenly feel the need for prune juice, a warm bath and a nap. :-)

    To say I feel jealous of these guys would be an understatement. Robots! In Lisp!

    And what the heck?! My "word verification" to post this comment is "weene". What a day.

  2. Luther -

    Man, I hear ya. Kids today have all the fun.

    Oh, and that's the best word verification ever.