Friday, December 05, 2008

One Lucky Birthday

I could think of no better venue than to celebrate Shira's birthday than Atlantic City. In what appears to be a new trend, we really enjoyed visting AC during the week and off season. It was a bit chilly outside, but the sun was shining bright and wasn't nearly as chilly as it could have been.

As a treat for Shira, I broke from usual tradition of working in the room while she plays Blackjack, and spent the day playing with her. In return, she went easy on me, let me eat every meal, take bathroom breaks and even took time out to watch a movie with me (no, not one of those movies that don't show up on your hotel bill. We watched Click).

It's amazing how I can stand behind Shira and easily know what the recommended move she should make (hit, stay, double or split). Yet, when I sit down, and cards are being thrown my way, I completely blank. That's why it's nice having Shira right next to me - she can remind me of the finer details.

Serious Blackjack players tend to have pretty strict etiquette about how they play. For example, it's legal, but rude, to jump into a around that's going well - you're better off waiting till the next time a shuffle occurs (and the "shoe" is ended). Observing these rules isn't usually a problem. Till, last night, when I hit the amount of money I wanted to make and decided to stop playing. Whoa, the table was not pleased. The person most annoyed? Shira. How could I stop playing in the middle of a shoe when the cards were flowing so well? Easy, I hit the amount of money I made and wanted to walk away a winner. I'm all for following etiquette, but (a) this whole notion that the cards care who's sitting at the table is pure superstition, and (b) the only way to insure you'll have money is to stop.

I doubt I'll be able to pull that move again and live to tell about it.

Like I said, Shira was kind enough to step away from the tables and take a break by watching Click. She couldn't have picked a more appropriate movie to watch if she had tried. We were expecting goofy Adam Sandler. And yes, we got goofy. But we also got a story about a man who chose work over family and lived to regret it. It was one uncomfortable film to watch, as I've given many of the same excuses about missing events for work.

All in all, we had a fantastic time. And I do believe, Shira very much enjoyed her birthday. Mission accomplished. Here's a few photos.


  1. Great story I'm glad you and your wife had such a great time, keep it going..

  2. Thanks! I know she's ready to go back already ;-)