Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Instant Oatmeal Tip

I'm probably the lasts person on the planet to figure this out. But, on the unlikely chance this isn't true, here's a tip to make instant oatmeal taste better.

Turns out, there's a significant difference between adding boiling water to your oatmeal, and microwaving both the oatmeal and room temperature water together.

For my entire life, I've always added hot water to instant oatmeal and the result has always been so-so. The oatmeal never really cooks, and you either end up with sludge or a soupy mixture.

Because of my sleep deprived haze this morning, I actually read the instructions on the oatmeal box and microwaved the water and oatmeal together for a minute. The result was actually cooked oatmeal that had a nice consistency (well, if you like oatmeal).

This is a brand new day for my oatmeal eating. Whoo!

Thanks to LiveWell360 for all her mentions of oatmeal, which reminded me I should try eating it again. That, and I'm out of other food to eat.

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  1. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Natural (read non-instant) oats seem to give you the best bang for the buck. They take longer, but they are worth it.