Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Step 1: Make The Problem Worse

So, tonight I had big plans to hack my Tivo. In order to do so, I just needed to copy a few files to it's hard drive. How difficult could this possibly be?

At the moment, my Tivo and Linux server that I was using to do the copy are in pieces. The Linux server not only doesn't recognize the Tivo drive, but now doesn't recognize its own drives.

I've managed to turn two devices to door stops in just about an hour.

And yet, I'm totally not surprised. For me, the first step of any hacking project is always: make the problem worse. Well, mission accomplished.

Now, let's hope that tomorrow can bring with it step #2: get it all working again. We'll see. I just know that tonight's not the night I'll be getting this to work.


  1. I was considering hacking my tivo and upgrading the HD a few years ago (I don't have a linux box though) and decided to just pay for a mail order pre-flashed new hard drive instead. Interested to see if you can fix the damage.

  2. Hey Jordon -

    Luckily, it all came through just fine in the end. It's just an amazing game of patience. There were so many variables that could cause things to go wrong - from having the IDE cable installed backwards, to trying to mount the drive on a non-existent directory.

    But, eventually, I worked out all the kinks. Whew.

  3. So does the new upgraded hacked tivo get netflix? just curious, I'm thinking of getting a Tivo (series 3/HD) but it would probably be more cost effective to hack an old one (and more fun)

  4. Nick -

    I'm not sure about Netflex hackability. I do know that the Series 1 is quite hackable. I had to go through a bit of pain to get it hooked up on the network - but, apparently, it was worth it.

    Buying an older TiVo is definitely a project...a fun one, but still, a project.