Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Distractions Of The Day

In case your day was too productive, here are a few sites to fix that:

  • Dear Adobe - extremely compact, yet funny, complaint letters to the company that designers love to hate.
    Dear Adobe,
    Why does Photoshop cost as much as a pre-owned small car? 
    Drop the price please!!
  • - does what the name suggests. Absolutely hilarious.
    Female coworker: What are you going to do with it? Eat it?
    Male coworker: Well, for right now it's a pet...
  • The Sounds of Train Horns - A collection of, I kid you not, sound files of railroad air horns. Because you needed proof that the Itnernet has everything on it.
    F Berry K-5LA, S-5a dual.mp3: An F. Berry treasure, at Bloom's crossing, Manassas, Va. 1986. A southbound NS. Freight with its K-5La sounding for the crossing, as Fred answer's with his S-5a. The engineer acknowledges! Neat stuff!
  • Savvy Auntie - A site for PANKs (Professional Aunt, No Kids) and PUNKs (Professional Uncle, No Kids) and for just dealing with kids that aren't yours. Sure, it's Aunt focused, but still seems useful.


  1. you have way to much time on your hands.... but that said.. I'm definitely adding the 'overheardintheoffice' feed to my reader.

  2. That's precisely the problem...I don't have enough free time :-).