Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ben vs Bathroom Fan - Part 1

Today's home adventure: replacing the bathroom fan in our first floor powder room that currently sounds like a 747 preparing to take flight.

The score so far: Ben 1, Fan 0.

I've managed to get the fan out of the ceiling without damage to myself or the house. Whew.

Now it's off to Home Depot for a replacement, and then the real fun begins: getting the new fan in place.



  1. If you end up having to replace the fan, you'll find it easier if you check the measurements on your current fan housing and look for a whole new fan with the same dimensions from the same manufacturer. I don't know which brands HD and Lowes carry, but if you can't find your manufacturer at one, try the other.

  2. Thanks for the tip Gareth.

    You're the first person I'll call if I attempt this project and get in over my head. ;-)