Friday, August 22, 2008

Is that a TV station in your pocket? Or are you ...

The other day I learned about: (pronounced: quick dot com) and was really impressed. Here's the description:

Qik enables you to share moments of your life with your friends, family and the world - directly from your cell phone!

Keep your world in the know, share a laugh, tell engaging stories. Just point your cell phone and stream video live to your your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. OR use your cell phone like a camcorder and stream hours and hours of video without worrying about storage on your cell phone.

Unfortunately, my cell phone isn't compatible with their service, so I can't try it out. However, I just think there's something remarkable about being able to put on a live event, heard and seen around the world, and the only hardware requirement: your cell phone.

Two other services I've learned about, but have to try, include: and

While Qik is being touted as a person tool, I see a bigger opportunity from the small business side. It seems like a Toilet Paper Entrepreneur's ideal marketing tool.

Stay tuned, Ideas2Executables TV could be coming to a monitor near you. (Hmmm, wonder if it's a sitcom? Maybe a reality TV show?)

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