Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More HTML Entities Fun - And maybe even useful

A while back I mentioned that you can use HTML Entities as a quick and creative way to include graphics on your pages.

Today, I found this page which presents a whole bunch of entities I've never seen used before.

Here's a sample of some that were interesting to me. I'm not quite sure I understand how portable these are - though, they do appear to show up just fine in both IE and FF.

☢ ☤ ☠ ♂ ♜ ☁ ✡ ✔

These entities may actually serve a useful purpose, too. As you can see here, they show up just fine in Twitter messages:

They also appear to work just fine in Facebook status updates, too.

In a world where every character counts, having access to these symbols may allow you to express a thought that much easier. Not to mention, the unusual appearance of these symbols will no doubt get the attention of your reader. Though, probably best not to go too overboard.

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