Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Better Twitter Profile

One of the fun parts of hanging out with my virtual mob is that I'm getting see all sorts of clever ways other businesses market themselves on the web.

One example of this is Shama Hyder's Twitter page:

Instead of a basic background, she chose to make an image that includes key text, such as what her company does and how to reach her. It's a brilliantly simple and effective idea, and one that serves to highlight her business well.

I couldn't resist following her example, and now the Ideas2Executables twitter page is enhanced:

The more I consume Twitter content - the more I'm thinking it is an incredibly powerful tool. As I've mentioned previously, Twitter allows you to form your own custom network of interesting people. And as this posts demonstrates, you can't help but learn from these really sharp folks.


  1. quick 'point': twitter profiles are very screen width dependent... on smaller screens (like my second one 1024x768) the 'siderbar' part is almost completely covered by the actual tweets.

    (also your link to i2x twitter isn't working)

  2. Nick -

    First, thanks for letting me know about the link, that was an easy one to fix.

    Second, you are absolutely right - the background doesn't work well if your monitor is 1024x768. I had to make a trade off between how readable I wanted it to be vs. how much space it had to use up.

    I came up with about 1200 width because that works OK on the wide screen laptop (not to mention my larger monitor).

    Is this the perfect solution? Not really. But, I still think the information it allows me to get across is worth having there and not looking great at times - is better than not having the information there at all.