Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Promoting Your Business On Facebook Tips

I'm still incredibly new at this, so definitely take these suggestions as things to try not that you must do. Though, hopefully my time spent goofing off exploring Facebook can benefit someone.

Here's a handful of things you should try to make your business presence on Facebook even better than it currently is. (To get your business on Facebook, check out this suggestion).

  • Setup your page's Facebook notes app to import your companies blog. Or, in our case, our news feed. See Importing External Blogs here for more information on this.
  • Use the webaddress application so you can setup a short name URL for your Facebook page. You can now access ours at
  • Use the extended profiles application to add more information about your business to your Page than just the standard fields.
  • Shop around for other applications that would work well for you business (like the discussion or polls). Just make sure there's a big 'ol Add To Page button you can click, so that your company's page and not your personal profile, get the new functionality.
  • Join various appropriate groups so that you can network with others
  • Read a comprehensive list of Facebook tips, like this one: 100 Tools and Tips to Tap the Facebook Customer Base.

What other tips do you have? Use the comments link below to suggest them. Thanks!

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