Sunday, August 17, 2008

The National Portrait Gallery - Putting a face with a name

A couple years back, when my parents were visiting we attempted to go to the National Portrait Gallery, but alas, it was being renovated. After many years, we tried again - and this time, success!

What an absolutely amazing collection. In just a quick walk through, we've seen a range of portraits from Davy Crocket to Bill Clinton. From traditional poses to political cartoons.

My favorite section so far is a little cluster of portraits that include Isaac Singer (think sewing machines), Samuel Morse, Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison. Now these guys were old school geeks! They were changing the world through technology that was just as remarkable as any .com of today.

This is such a wonderful way to take in history. Each portrait has a blurb that explains the importance of the figure. Like they say, there's just something about putting a face with a name.

Dave tells me there's free WiFi in the courtyard. Perhaps this would be a fun place to work for next time I need to get out of the house?


Some snapshots:

Shira and President Bill:

Davy Crocket:


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