Sunday, August 10, 2008

Killing Time In Recovery

Here's what's been keeping me busy while I've been recovering...

Reading Masters Of Chaos - an excellent book that tells the story of the Special Forces. And what an amazing story it is! Now these guys are tough and do amazing work. Expect a full review when I finish the book. Needless to say, I recommend it.

Watched the classic Olympic movie: Mircacle. How can you go wrong? It's Disney at their best. What an awesome way to get into the Olympics. This one I recommend too.

Watched the cult classic Blade Runner. Whoa, this one was out my league. I totally don't get it. I'll have to watch it again with a Sci Fi geek who can explain to me what I'm seeing.

Watched the chick flick Just Like Heaven. Shira earned this one after all she's put up with these last few days. As chick flicks go, this one as totally passable. Though, that could just be the drugs talking.

Watched lots of the Olympics. In fact, I watched enough Beach Volleyball that I think I actually appreciate it as a sport versus some sort of testosterone based spectacle. The fact that two players compete, with no alternates and no coaches, is actually remarkable. Though, one does have to ask - are the beach babes really needed?


  1. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Can I borrow Masters of Chaos when you're done?

  2. I made the same comment to Lauren about the 'beach babes' when we sat down to watch the first womens match on Saturday

  3. Jerseygirl77 - I hope so, I just need to find out if Shira was lent the book from someone at work, or if it's hers to keep.

    It's definitely a must read.

    Nick - the whole beach babe thing just adds so much insult to injury. I mean the sport already has rules about how *big* the uniforms can be, do they really need to slather on more?