Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tools That Belong In Your Design Toolbox

Over the last few days, some designers who are part of my virtual mob have mentioned some useful graphics related links. Including...

  • A very cool avatar creator. Finally, I can capture my likeness in cartoony avatar format:

    The actual UI experience of the builder is quite impressive and worth studying alone. I'm sure having a source for graphics like these would be handy for mockups, presentations, and other times when you need a fun face staring back at you.

  • What The Font - a handy site that will help you figure out which font was used for a particular block of text.
  • - Think but for images. It's a chance to see what kind of images folks are bookmarking. As suggested here, there's some great examples of typography to check out.
  • - Think digg for designers. Again, lots of inspirational stuff here, as well as useful howtos.

I'm sure the above links are old news to designers, but if you're like me and not plugged in to this community - I hope you'll find them useful. Do you have any design links I should add to this list? Use the comments below to suggest them.

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